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L E A N | 3 Days | 6 REG MEALS

$75 $79

6 Regular Meals - Lean Meal Prep. 

1 x Chicken Breast

1 x Rump Steak

1 x Kangaroo Steak

1 x Lean Beef Mince

1 x Barramundi

1 x Tofu

We'll do our best combinations of the above Proteins with the below Bases,  two Vegetables and a Sauce or Seasoning in each meal. 

BASES: Black Bean Spaghetti | Zucchini Noodles | Cauliflower Mash | Spinach

VEGETABLES: Broccoli | Carrots | Green Beans | Mexi Mix (black beans, kidney beans, corn, tomato) | Spinach | Sweet & Spicy Cauliflower | Roasted Pumpkin

SAUCES: Peanut Satay | Teriyaki | Bolognese | Onion Gravy | Sweet Chilli | Mexi Sauce (Greek Yogurt/Salsa)

SEASONING: Lemon Pepper | Portuguese | Pepper Streak | Garlic & Herb | Hot Chilli Flakes | Moroccan | Spicy Dukkah | Cajun (hot)


Average calories per meal = 288 calories (based on average protein, base, two vegetables and a sauce/seasoning). For more accurate calorie information, please see our nutritional information list here.

A restriction of 1 x Barramundi meal applies to this pack.

"MEALPREP5" and "MEALPREP10" discounts do not apply to these packs.

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