How do I place an order?

Head to our Meal Prep Online page. Here you can choose your Meals, Guilt-free Sweets and Snacks. Once you've added your Meal Prep to the checkout, you can pick up your order from our Belmont store or we can deliver to our selected Geelong areas. On the day you'd like your order our super awesome Kitchen Team will prep, cook and pack your Meals.

Do you have a minimum order?

Our minimum order online is $15 for In Store Pick Up and $50 for Delivery. 

What if I'm just after one meal?

If you're just after one, you can pop into store and have one made up. We have everything fresh and ready for you to choose your size, protein, base, veggies and sauce or seasoning. We can do up to 5 Meals on the spot in store in minutes. (Online Meal Prep Order discounts do not apply).

Are there discounts for multiple meals? 

Definitely! New customers can use the discount code "HEALTHY20" after the checkout page for $20 off your first order (new customers only, total minimum order $15 with the discount)

If you place an order online for $50 or more, use the discount code "MEALPREP5" and you'll receive a 5% discount. If you place an order for $95 or more, use the discount code "MEALPREP10" and score a 10% discount!

How do I apply the discount to my order?

The discount code needs to be applied on the next page after you select your pick up date and time and press 'CHECKOUT'. It'll be located on the right of the screen with a summary of your order. 

Can your meals be frozen?

Although we say fresh is best, the meals can definitely be frozen if you don't eat them in time. Just remember to reheat them so they are hot all the way through. ​

How long do the meals stay fresh? 

For our Meal Prep Orders each meal last 5-6 days. They come fresh with a 'freeze by' date on them, letting you know the latest to freeze them by if you haven't eaten them all. If you purchase a meal from our store, although they are fresh it's best to put it in the freezer the next night if you haven't eaten it.

How long do I heat the meals for in the microwave? 

The heating times vary between microwaves, but generally the below will get your fresh meal hot and ready to eat. ​Just remember to adjust the times to ensure the meal is heated all the way through. 

Regular: 2-3 minutes

Large: 3-4 minutes

Do you deliver? 

Yes! We currently deliver to the Geelong Region including Leopold, Lara and Torquay on Monday to Friday afternoons. Our delivery times range between 4pm and 9pm during those days. We will be expanding to other areas in the future. 

Do you do custom meals

Yes! We can definitely do custom meals with custom weights and prices. The meals components are limited to the items on our menu though. Just send us a message via our Contact Us page and let us know what you'd like in each meal, the weights and specify if it's raw or cooked. We'll get back to you with a custom price!

What if I can't pick up my Meal Prep Order?

That's okay! Just let let us know as soon as you do and we can hold on to your order at our store. Send us an email at or call/text us on 0410 315 839.​ If you can't pick up your order at all and it has been packed, we can only refund you 50% of your payment so it's essential you find a way in store to avoid disappointment!

Do you cook on site?

We definitely do! Our hard working prep team cooks on site every day. Here we bring you our proteins, bases, vegetables and a majority of sauces. We also make all of our guilt-free sweets on site so we can give you the good stuff when you're wanting something sweet! We also have awesome local partners we work with to ensure we receive deliveries fresh every day. 

Are you meals calorie controlled? 

Our meals are portion sized to include a serve of protein, base, 2 serves of veggies and a sauce so you know you're getting the right amount of the good stuff! If you are wanting to count calories, protein, carbohydrates etc, please contact us via our Contact Us page and we'll be able to help you out.