HALO TOP IS HERE !! #hallelujah

HALO TOP IS IN OUR STORE! *deep breathing*

If you haven't tried this HEALTHY Ice Cream then well, I just don't even know what to say. You need to. On the pricey side? Yes ($10.95). Will you regret any of it? ABSOLUTELY NOT. 

Halo Top is a low-calorie, high protein and low sugar ice cream (the dream right? yes. the answer is yes.). We are stocking a range of flavours in store including...

Peanut Butter Cup | Vanilla Bean | Strawberry | Chocolate | Birthday Cake | S'Mores | Chocolate Almond Crunch | Sea Salt Caramel | Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

...but only until stock lasts, so be prepared to feel super lucky that all of your favourite flavours are in store. Some days we just can't keep up ( Hello to HT delivery van living at our store! )

Here's the website to have a look at the deliciousness [ www.halotop.com.au ] 

Here's our address where you should be on a hot day [ 128 High Street, Belmont VIC ]